Melges 24 European Sailing Series overall


Melges 24 European Sailing Series 2021 – Overall

by International Melges 24 Class Association 23 Aug 09:00 AEST 20-22 August 2021

Melges 24 European Sailing Series 2021 Event 3 – Riva del Garda, Italy © IM24CA / ZGN

Nefeli (today 7-4) is the winner of the third event of the Melges 24 European Sailing Series, considered also as Act 5 of the Italian Melges24Tour.

Peter Karrié’s crew of Niccolò Bianchi, Alessandro Saettone, Francesco Coari, Saverio Cigliano and Enrico Fonda as a coach, held up to a never compliant Altea (1-1) which was not enough to score a double bullet to fill the gap with Nefeli that, in light of the performances expressed between the Fraglia Vela Riva’s electronic marks, is now a strong candidate for a leading role at the upcoming Melges 24 European Championship in Portoroz, Slovenia.

“It was a tough event with very tricky conditions,” said Peter Karrie, the owner of Nefeli, “but we have such a great feeling that the competition level of the class is so high and we are really proud to stay on top of the rankings. It has been a long road for Nefeli team – we started two and a half years ago and we have improved a lot and now we are more confident and comfortable in different conditions ready to act faster – it’s been a team effort! Amazing opportunity to get ready for the Europeans in Portoroz and we are very much looking forward to the event – see you all there!”

Nefeli first, then, and Andrea Racchelli’s ITA-722 second by just one point ahead of Melgina (2-2) of Paolo Brescia, who completed his participation with two solid races, demonstrating that he possesses performance cues and tactical knowledge for strive for excellence.

Fourth place is for Strambapapà (6-3) of Italian Olympian Michele Paoletti who, in the overall ranking, anticipates Taki 4 (3-5) of Marco Zammarchi with Niccolo Bertola helmig, who wins among the Corinthian ahead of Gill Race Team (9-9) of Miles Quinton with Geoff Carveth at the helm, seventh overall, and Michael Tarabochia’s White Room (8-6) with his son Luis Tarabochia as a helmsman, finished ninth overall.

After the third event of the Melges 24 European Sailing Series, it is now time to focus on the Melges 24 European Championship, scheduled in Portorož between 4th and 11th September, an event that will return to assign a prestigious title after a couple of seasons marked by the problems related to the Covid emergency, during which it was almost impossible to organize important international events. A palpable expectation, underlined by the massive participation: to date the entries are in fact just under fifty. Marina Portoroz and YC Marina Portoroz are looking forward to welcome you in September!

1. GER 673 NEFELI Peter Karrié 3-1-1-2-1-4-6-(7)-4 22p
2. ITA 722 ALTEA Andrea Racchelli (9)-2-2-1-6-5-9-1-1 27p
3. ITA 693 MELGINA Paolo Brescia 1-5-8-6-3-7-2-2-2 28p
4. ITA 689 STRAMBAPAPA Michele Paoletti 2-(11)-5-5-4-8-4-6-3 37p
5. ITA 778 TAKI 4 (C) Marco Zammarchi/Niccolo Bertola 5-3-6-7-9-(10)-3-3-5 41p
6. GBR 822 BLACK SEAL Richard Thompson 4-7-4-8-7-(9)-5-4-8
7. GBR 694 GILL RACE TEAM (C) Miles Quinton/Geoff Carveth (15RET)-8-3-4-2-3-12-9-9 50p
8. ITA 809 ARKANOE BY MONTURA Sergio Caramel 6-4-9-3-8-2-8-(12)-10
9. GER 677 WHITE ROOM (C) Michael Tarabochia/Luis Tarabochia 7-9-7-(11)-10-1-10-8-6 58p
10. NED 827 KESBEKE Eelco Blok/Ronald Veraar 10-10-10-10-5-(12)-1-5-12 63p
11. HUN 759 SEVEN_FIVE_NINE (C) Akos Csolto 8-6-(11)-9-11-11-11-11-11 78p
12. GER 834 RAINBOW Bent Dietrich (13)-12-12-12-13-6-7-10-7 79p
13. GER 327 BALLYHOO RELOADED Maximilian Thiermann 11-13-13-13-12-13-13-13-(15 RET)
14. ITA 496 XXX Francesco Irredento 12-(14)-14-14-14-14-14-14-13 109p

Full results after nine races and one discard



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