How to Be a Minimalist


    ary item in their house overnight. I think that takes much of the enjoyment out of it. For me, getting rid of stuff is enjoyable.

    Think of a roller coaster. Imagine the top of the hill is like a purchase. There is a momentary thrill but then it is all downhill. Next comes the part where you want to puke. This is called ownership. Last, but not least, comes the end of the ride, the disposal stage. This is when you are all smiles because it is finally over. Embrace that final stage, enjoy the process, it may become addicting.

    I believe, to be a minimalist, you don’t have to give up all your possessions, or even just give up the modern ones like the Amish. The idea I want you to understand is that you only need to give up what is bringing you down or what is not necessary and does nothing to enhance the quality of your life.

    Don’t worry about trying to be a hard-core minimalist, where you try to reduce your possessions below a certain number. Owning less than 100 items is not the goal. My view of minimalism is different for every person and any advantage will best be realized if you reduce your possessions to a level that you are comfortable with

    In today’s world where it is all about acquiring fancy new things, it is hard to imagine that having less could be beneficial to us. What could be bad about having a nice, fancy car in front of your large house filled with all the latest gadgets and fine furniture? For some people, there may be nothing wrong with it but if you are reading this, you may have noticed that your material possessions have not brought you happiness. If this is the case you may be ready to get more from less

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