In The Storm


    In The Storms of Life His Love Never Fails

    “The Wind is strong and the water’s deep… “

    The song, “Your Love Never Fails” by Jesus Culture has been playing over and over again in my mind and spirit. Perhaps that’s because I’ve been In the Storm… I understand how frightening it can be.

    As a child I was always terribly afraid of storms. The pounding rain, howling winds, booming thunder that rattled the windows and cracking lightning that flashed across the sky terrified me. It was very hard to feel safe amid the onslaught of nature. Not even putting my head under the covers and praying for it to go away helped. “What if the home I was in failed to protect me? What if I didn’t survive the storm?” These were questions I worried silently over as the storm raged on.

    As an adult, I’ve asked the same questions during the storm. Though the storm wasn’t a physical one as such, it has been terrifying nonetheless.

    One thing I’ve learned in my Christian walk is that we all face storms – Some small ones, some large ones and some that blow in and blow away everything in their path. Still, into every life a storm will blow. And the storm can come from seemingly out of nowhere, when life is going good and you’re doing your absolute best to serve God. Or the storm can comes as a result of bad decisions, choices or mistakes we’ve made. Either way, it can be frightening and painful.

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